Kilkenny - an ideal location

Kilkenny is situated in the south east of Ireland and is the cultural and administrative centre for the region. It is a young, cultural and pulsating city with an eclectic mix of boutiques, high street shops, bars, galleries and restaurants.

This vibrant city, beautifully historic yet brimming with comptempory practise, has a proven business location with major companies successfully operating from the immiedate area. These include Glanbia plc headquarters, State Street fund managers, Bank of Ireland's banking 365 and TaxBack.com.

Why locate to Kilkenny?
- Prime location on the N10 to Dublin, close to the M9 Junction.
- Within 55 minutes drive to six counties.
- Substantial population of 430,000 people within a 40 mile radius.
- Powerful employment magnet, location of several international and
  national companies.
- Thriving entrepreneurial centre, buzzing with creativity, energy and drive.
- Rich arts and cultural life, abundant accommodation, great hospitality,
  clean environment.
- Part of nationally strategic “Growth Triangle” with Waterford and Wexford.*



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